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I appreciate everybody that took the time to wish me a happy birthday.
A Princess Defrocked
This is my dear friend Alex. Some of you might know her better by her internet handle, Bunny or PrincessFuhrer.

What I imagine some of you guessed is that she's nowhere near as bad in real life as she is online, and you'd be right. In fact, most of her shenanigans in the community are a brave face she wears. She's expressed a desire to be more honest with people about who she really is, but also explained that she's too shy to ever dream of doing so on her own.

She's too embarrassed to let everybody know her rude attitude is just a cry for attention; she loves humiliation and it's as central to her as diapers. Here's some fun trivia that embarrass her that she also gets off on:

-Lexxy has an AA cup and still wears training bras because her itty-bitty titties still don't sit well in big girl sizes.
-She is desperate to be spanked, but is too big of a wuss to even pinch her own butt.
-She has outfitted her living room and guest room into nurseries for her silly little playtime.
-She has purposefully untrained herself to feel helpless - even worse, she enjoys having #2 accidents and sitting down in them.
-She's told me on multiple occasions she wishes she had a babysitter half her age and wishes that her acquaintances knew what a big baby she is.
-She keeps her little pubic mound totally baby smooth for her diapers.
-She is a gangly little shrimp that barely comes in at 5'4".
-She has premature female orgasms, and that just exacerbates her excitement.
-She has freckles on her butt.
-She only feels really satisfied by humping her over-sized stuffed animals.
-She admits to wanting to be condescended to at every occasion.
-She's still a virgin on top of still being in diapers at 24.
-She still likes My Little Pony.
-She's a bisexual in denial and wants to be a cuckqueaned by a better woman.
-She wants people to bully her for being such a closet diaperloser.

Hopefully this helps you better understand her behavior. In the future, don't get upset; getting upset at a womanchild like Lexxy/Bunny is like getting upset with an actual toddler. Just make fun of her and tell her to be quiet while the adults talk. Thank you for helping her be more true to herself.


Now for the art-talk stuff. 

I'm still trying to practice backgrounds and having people interact. Still practicing! Ran into some difficulties, had some lazy shortcuts, took forever to complete because I play video games to cope with life. 

School kept me very busy this past semester, but I'll be graduating by this summer!

Anyways, thanks for to all my fans and I hope you guys continue to like my work. 

Textless Version:
Koichi-chan (Commission)
Somebody liked the idea of expanding Koichi's experience under the maternal eye of Yukako. 

Content to consider if you don't know what's going on:…
Love Deluxe
Love Deluxe (ラブ・デラックス Rabu Derakkusu?) is the Standof Yukako Yamagishi featured in Diamond Is Unbreakable


Poor Koichi never got to that phone and Yukako has been making those questions on the locks more difficult than he can answer. So she's bringing his education back a few grades until he can answer them. 
Little Dolly, Big Diapers
A quick thing I did for :iconleila-stoat:'s little thing to humiliate her character Dolly. You can see it in her journal…

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Happy (late) birthday
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